Artist Benefits

Imagine being part of a gallery where your work is marketed to and viewed by thousands of people all through the year… not just across India, but in key markets like London, Dubai, and across the world. That gallery is Full Picture Art - an exciting new concept for a limited number of seriously talented Indian contemporary artists.


7 things you’ll get with Full Picture Art

  • Your work shown only alongside other seriously talented artists

    Your work shown only alongside other seriously talented artists

    We focus on quality not quantity. We know how important it is for your work to be alongside other accomplished and talented artists, so joining Full Picture Art is strictly by invitation only. Which means your work is always seen in the right environment.

  • 24/7 active marketing –get your work seen

    24/7 active marketing – get your work seen

    Many people in the art world have websites - but they rarely attract more than a handful of visitors. Why? Because without the vital know-how, and the investment to promote them, potential buyers will never find them. Think of it like a shop with the shutters pulled down and no signage. At Full Picture Art, we have highly experienced marketing professionals who’ll be conducting sophisticated activity to attract potential buyers for you, every day. We’ll be investing in:


  • Achieve a greater nationaland international presence

    Achieve a greater national and international presence

    Our gallery and our marketing will be active across India and internationally. Which means buyers in key markets across the world will now be able to access you and your work. And because we focus specifically on promoting Indian contemporary artists, you’ll get greater cut through.

  • Hassle-free paymentand delivery

    Hassle-free payment and delivery

    It’s our job to make the whole selling process easy for you so you can concentrate on what you do best. We’ll organise everything, from courier pick-up to customs. You won’t have to pay for delivery – wherever the buyer is located. And, we’ll make sure you get paid quickly.

  • You stay in control

    You stay in control

    We’ll always consult with you on pricing levels and agree them with you in advance. Our commission levels are very competitive, so you won’t be compromising even with the extra promotion of your work. We’ll never try to restrict you selling your work elsewhere – we just ask that the work you choose to place with us is genuinely available for Full Picture Art buyers while it’s featured on the site. Oh, and we won’t take possession of your work until it sells.

  • Build on your profile with buyers

    Build on your profile with buyers

    We think you should have the opportunity to share your story and the thinking and inspiration behind your work, not just your work in isolation. So buyers can engage with you - the artist, enabling you to further build your profile, and your work is always seen in context.

  • Get valuable information and advice

    Get valuable information and advice

    Over time, we can give you information on how many people are viewing your work and, should you wish, share thoughts on achieving your aims for selling your work – from how to increase your revenue, to where your hot markets are. We’re based and run from India, so you’ll always be able to speak with us directly whenever you want to. You’ll also be part of a new and exclusive artist community where you can easily connect with other Full Picture Art members.