We search all over India to bring you some of the best Indian contemporary artists working today – both emerging and established talent. The selection process is a long one. We visit artists’ studios, check out their career to date, take time to understand their work and review and select every piece of artwork – only then does an artist join the Full Picture Art community.

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  • Ajay Rajgarhia

    Ajay Rajgarhia

  • Aparna Banerjee

    Aparna Banerjee

  • B Ajay Sharma

    B Ajay Sharma

  • Babu Xavier

    Babu Xavier

  • Bharvi  Trivedi

    Bharvi Trivedi

  • Deepak Tandon

    Deepak Tandon

  • Deepti Gupta

    Deepti Gupta

  • Indrajit Prasad

    Indrajit Prasad

  • Jenny Bhatt

    Jenny Bhatt

  • M. Pravat

    M. Pravat

  • Madhuchanda Majumder

    Madhuchanda Majumder

  • Manil Rohit

    Manil Rohit

  • Mona Dalal

    Mona Dalal

  • Moutushi Chakraborty

    Moutushi Chakraborty

  • Mukesh Sharma

    Mukesh Sharma

  • Prashant Jha

    Prashant Jha

  • Raj Kumar  Mazinder

    Raj Kumar Mazinder

  • Rakesh  Patel

    Rakesh Patel

  • Ravi Kattakuri

    Ravi Kattakuri

  • Roma  Patel

    Roma Patel

  • Ronak Sopariwala

    Ronak Sopariwala

  • Sareena Khemka

    Sareena Khemka

  • Satadru Sovan

    Satadru Sovan

  • Shambhu Reddy

    Shambhu Reddy

  • Subir Dey

    Subir Dey

  • Udit  Kulshrestha

    Udit Kulshrestha

  • Vipul Prajapati

    Vipul Prajapati

  • Yogesh Murkute

    Yogesh Murkute